How to Get There from Here: From Senior to Leader of Design


During the Singapore Design Week 2018, Foolproof asks “What Is Next For The Senior UX Practitioner?”

We hear the word ‘design’ every day, we have dedicated magazines, a Netflix series (Abstract), and hundreds of books. And while a multitude of awards celebrate the virtues of design, very little is revealed or unpacked about the leadership of design. Senior practitioners often struggle to understand what it means to lead by, and lead with, design.

Meanwhile, as successful designers gain experience and longevity in their craft, the expectations and demands on their role grow exponentially. Senior practitioners then uncover that ‘what got them here, won’t get them there’ (to paraphrase Marshall Goldsmith, and his book of the same title). The skills, values and behaviours that made them progress to a senior level now seemingly no longer apply in order to level up to the next phase of their career progression.

As a Senior, what is needed to move beyond your initial success, and become even more successful? How do Seniors evolve and enhance their skills and mind to become design leaders? What balance is required from a Senior UX practitioner, be it technical, strategic, visual or research, to advance?

With UX being such a broad field with multiple paths and a near infinite amount of things to learn, it can be hard to navigate to the next point of your career. It’s a daunting task to map out a blueprint, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying.


As part of Singapore Design Week 2018, Foolproof will host a discussion by and for senior UX design talent, to unpack the behavioural, management, and functional styles needed to position yourself as an effective design leader.

If you have been in the UX industry for more than a couple years, on a visual, technical or research track, and are asking yourself: ‘What’s next for me, and how to get there from here?’, this session will be insightful and help guide you towards the next step in your career – from senior to design leader. The session will be moderated by Foolproof's Head of Singapore, Hong Khai Seng, as well as Principal Designer Mario Van Der Meulen. We warmly invite you to join us at the event.

Please note that due to the limited seats and to ensure the quality of the discussion, we will be selecting attendees from the list of people who have indicated their interest. If you'd like to attend, please register for a ticket and complete the short survey that follows. We will contact you shortly if you are selected and venue details will be provided then. Registration has been extended to 12 March, 2018.

For more information on the event, please contact Jasmine at jasmine.tan@foolproof.com.sg.

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